Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds comprise of a series of horizontal slats. These are held in position by ladder cords. Although you can lift the blind, it is easier to control light infiltration by altering the position/tilt of the slats with a pull on a cord.

When the blind is down and the slats are closed, you minimise light and maximise privacy. When the slats are fully open, light streams in. You have control of the angle of the slats, so can opt for partial opening to manage the light levels.

Venetian blinds are very practical in offering privacy solutions to your windows.

AK Blinds offers Aluminium, wooden and Faux Venetian blinds. Aluminium comes in a wide range of colours and finishes, whilst wooden Venetian blinds can offer a more natural and classic finish. There are options in the width of each slat, as well as the colour, which enables you to get a look that fits with your home décor.

Some customers have concerns about dusting Venetian blinds, but this needn’t be a chore. Simply move the slats into their closed position, so they are lying flat and carefully wipe over with a duster. We will always provide tips for maintenance to improve the longevity of your fitted blinds.

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